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Jacob the Wrestler

We conclude our July sermon series on Jacob, the Man Who Wrestled With God, with the dramatic, mysterious experience (see Genesis 32:22-31) that gave us our sermon series title.  After 20 years living in exile during which he earned a family and a fortune, Jacob is finally returning home at God’s command, but he faces an uncertain reception from his brother Esau whom he had cheated out of his birthright and blessing.  The night before he must face Esau who is riding to meet him with 400 armed men, he finds himself attacked by a mysterious stranger in the dark.  They wrestle all night until Jacob receives a blessing, and a new name, Israel.  And he realizes that he has been wrestling with God, wrestling for a blessing.  As you know, I wrote a song about this that I will sing again (see the lyrics below).   May we recognize God in our encounters as we too wrestle for a blessing.  Click on the title, “Jacob the Wrestler”

Wrestling for a Blessing

I found myself wrestling for a blessing with a stranger in the night.

I don’t know if I’ll survive this but I’m gonna hold on tight, hold on for my life.

All my life I’ve been a fighter, grasping, clawing to make my way.

I even stole my brother’s birthright I’m now ashamed to say.

Wrestling for a blessing, don’t know if I’ll find my way.

Wrestling with my Shadow all night till the break of day.

“Help me God!” I pray.

Oh it’s been a long, hard journey, went out searching for a wife.

Won a family and a fortune. Learned even more about life.

But now my past is there before me, all the things that I have done.

No excusing or evading, from my shadow I can’t run. Oh I wish I could run.

Somehow I hold on for a blessing. So the stranger asks my name.

I say “Jacob,” He says, “No longer, Israel will be your name, for striving is your game.”

As I limped from that encounter, I knew I’d never be the same.

For I’d met God in that stranger, left me wiser but in pain, stronger and yet lame.

Wrestling for a blessing, don’t know if I’ll find my way.

Wrestling with my Shadow all night till the break of day.

“Help me God!” I pray.

Jacob the Lover

This month have been following the story of Jacob, the father of the twelve tribes of Israel, as it is told in the book of Genesis, primarily in chapters 25 through 35.  Two weeks ago, we looked at Jacob as an egocentric young man, a schemer, who steals his older brother Esau’s birthright and blessing.  Last week we found Jacob on the run for his life from his very angry big brother.  It was in this situation of unexpected hardship that he had a powerful experience of God’s reality and God’s care for him, through that dream of a ladder stretching from heaven to earth, on which messengers of God traveled back and forth. This week, bolstered by God’s promise, Jacob has arrived at his destination, the land of his mother’s relative Laban in Haran.   “What now happens to Jacob is the third great event that shatters Jacob’s egocentricity and paves the way for a larger life: HE FALLS IN LOVE.”  Love changes us like nothing else can.  Come see how love played out in Jacob’s life,“Jacob the Lover” (Genesis 29) Click on title to listen to Pastor Ernie’s message.



On this coming Sunday we will reflect on the great faith of the Canaanite mother who comes to Jesus begging for healing for her tormented daughter.  You can read this troubling and powerful story in Mathew 15:21-28.  We will also explore Jesus’ humanity and his spiritual greatness as a model for us.  My message is titled, “A Mother’s Faith Changed His Mind” (click on title to listen).

An Attitude of Gratitude and Appreciation


On this Sunday before Thanksgiving, we will reflect on how we can nourish our souls and gain strength for living through the daily practice of gratitude and appreciation.  Philippians 4:6-13 will be our text.  Join us for thanksgiving worship at either of our two services this Sunday, at 8:30 a.m. or 10 a.m. and learn how you can develop a life giving Attitude of Gratitude!

Things That Make for Peace


A word from Pastor Ernie –

Throughout Lent we have been exploring the events of the last week of Jesus’ life.  Now Holy Week itself is finally here!  It begins this Sunday, March 20, with Palm Sunday.  On March 24 we will have a special Maundy Thursday dinner & service in the Celebration center at 6:30 p.m.   Then on March 27, we will celebrate Easter, News Too Good to Believe!  I hope to see you at all of these very special services.

Listen to Pastor Ernie’s message on Palm Sunday, March 20:  “The Things That Make for Peace”

Celebrating Christmas Eve & Christmas Day at St Andrew’s



We all need some good news, and Christmas is great news!  I hope you will join us this Thursday night at 7 p.m. as we celebrate the birth of Christ at our Christmas Eve service of lessons, carols, special music, and candles. My Christmas Eve message is titled,“Pondering All These Things” (click to listen)

Then on Christmas morning at 10 a.m. join us for an informal family worship service.  Inline image 2

Listen here to “Christmas Message” by Courtney Mizutani

There will be refreshments and fellowship after both services.  This is a great opportunity to invite family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.