Christianity and History

Dr. John Shumway’s class meets following our regular Church Services in the Oak Room (so around 11:20 a.m.)  ON BREAK FOR THE SUMMER, WILL RETURN THIS FALL

Class Description:  Christianity is one of Humanity’s Universal Faiths that is primarily historic. What this means is that Christianity is based upon a series of historic events. If there was no Creator of the Cosmos, if the nation of Israel was not selected for a special mission to humankind; if Jesus was not the Messiah; and was certainly not raised from the dead; then Christianity is nothing but a story made up of lies and deceptions.

But, in fact the Christian Faith depends entirely on the truth of some historical events. This class will examine some of the events described in the Jewish Scripture and pay special attention to the historical events described in Christian Scripture. We will attempt to apply the analysis developed by Modern Historians to the events of the New Testament. I hope this will be interesting to you.

You might be surprised by what we find.