NEW ADULT CLASS, MEETS ON WEDNESDAYS in the Oak room at 7 p.m. beginning September 26, led by Pastor Ernie Hess.   Each week we will view and discuss a short 15 minute video by Dr. Christopher Hall. . Pastor Hess will provide supplementary materials and activities. This video series of 22 short lessons lays a thorough but accessible foundation for Christian Spirituality. The videos are available online so if you miss a class, you can easily catch up on what you missed

Foundations 1: The Call to Discipleship

Foundations 2: What God is Like

Foundations 3: The Jewish Eschatological Hope

Foundations 4: Living Between the Ages

Foundations 5: Flesh as Fallen Human Nature

Foundations 6: Corporate Flesh

Foundations 7: Personality, Place, and Provision

Foundations 8: The Disciple as Both Steward and Sinner

Foundations 9: Provision and Self-Deception

Foundations 10: Why is It so Hard to Face the Truth?

Foundations 11: Embodied Selves

Foundations 12: In the Field of the Spirit

Foundations 13: The Spiritually-Disciplined Person

Foundations 14: Meditation, Learning to Listen

Foundations 15: How Do We Meditate?

Foundations 16: Introduction to Prayer

Foundations 17: The Perplexity of Unanswered Prayer

Foundations 18: More on Unanswered Prayer

Foundations 19: Prayer, in Conclusion

Foundations 20: The Discipline of Silence and Solitude

Foundations 21: The Discipline of Simplicity

Foundations 22: The Discipline of Confession

Chris Hall currently serves as President of Renovaré. Previously Chris was Director of Academic Spiritual Formation and Distinguished Professor of Theology at Eastern University. Chris is the author of a number of books, including The Mystery of God (with Steven D. Boyer; Baker Academic), Reading Scripture with the Church FathersLearning Theology with the Church FathersWorshiping with the Church Fathers (InterVarsity Press), and The Trinity (with Roger Olson; Eerdmans). His most recent book is Living Wisely with the Church Fathers (Intervarsity Press). Chris and his wife Debbie reside in Philadelphia. They have three grown children.