Trust Fund

The St. Andrew’s Trust Fund is a perpetual fund whose purpose is to provide income to continue and extend the Church’s work and ministry by receiving and administering gifts and bequests. The income is derived from the permanent funds held by the Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation. For over 200 years, the Foundation has been serving the Church through management of such gifts. This provides low operating costs and diversification. St. Andrew’s portion is administered by our Trust Fund Committee, and the income is used to support various projects and activities of St. Andrew’s that are not provided for in the regular operating budget.

How is the mission of our church enhanced by the funds?

You can designate your Trust Fund gift for any of the funds that have been previously approved by our church. In this way, you can support the mission of St. Andrew’s for generations to come. In a sense you will be leaving a legacy to the church. A gift need not be large to be important!

How will these funds be used?

Your gift, designated and accepted by the Church, would be used only for the purpose that it was intended.

Benefits of Trust Fund Participation:

You and St. Andrew’s will both benefit from your gift to the Trust Fund. The possible benefits to you are income tax deductions and estate tax deductions.

The benefit to the church is a source of income, in addition to the operating budget of the church, that will continue in perpetuity.

Choosing Your Type of Gift

Your gift can take the form of:

  • cash, real estate, stocks, bonds or other investments
  • a life insurance policy naming St. Andrew’s as the beneficiary

What are the St. Andrew’s Trust Funds?

Saint Andrews has a variety of trust funds already established and the interest from them provides a steady stream of income to support the intended programs. These funds are:

  • General
  • Mission
  • Youth
  • Music
  • Major Maintenance

All of the funds are restricted for special uses as indicated in their titles. The General fund provides the least restriction in its use. The Trust Fund Committee provides recommendations to the Session for the use of these funds, but the final determination is made by the Session.

St. Andrew’s has been richly blessed by gifts to the Trust Fund from those who have come before us. The future is ours to give!

Getting Started

A gift to the Saint Andrews Trust Fund as part of your will or an estate planning program typically involves three steps.

1. Talk with Loved Ones

This means involving those closest to you so that you can understand their needs and share with them your dreams and desires. Ultimately, however, this important decision is up to you.

2. Consult Advisors

We recommend that you discuss your plans with an estate planning professional, who can give you details of the many types of arrangements available, and of the tax issues to be considered. The PCUSA Foundation can provide legal and estate planning assistance to your attorney, confidentially, and free of charge.

3. Involve the Church

By involving the Church early in your decision making, you can assure that your gift reflects your intentions and interests and is used for the fulfillment of your personal mission to God. Discuss your wishes with the pastoral staff, as they can help you understand the needs of the church.

All of us have some assets which have accumulated during our lifetime and whose disposition after we are gone we can predetermine through a financial plan or estate plan.

As we have cared about and contributed to the church while we are living, we have an opportunity to extend our devotion by giving beyond our own lifetime.

Whatever our means, this is an opportunity for us all; modest gifts can be joined together to make possible continued ministries.

Your faithfulness in giving may serve as an inspiration to others to become good stewards and your witness will extend the ministry and mission of Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.