St. Andrew’s depends on the time and energy of our wonderful volunteers. The following are a few key ministries currently in need of your support.

Communion Servers  ●  If you are a current or previously ordained Elder or Deacon, please sign up to serve Communion. We need your help in the coming months in sharing this sacrament with our church family. Please sign up on the kiosk in the Sanctuary. Thank you!

Fellowship Committee  ●  The fellowship committee is looking for people who are interested in being on our team, or who would like to host an event, or simply have suggestions for fellowship events. Please contact Gayle Garrison.

PowerPoint  ●  We are looking for volunteers who can serve once a month on the sound board or on PowerPoint.  Please contact one of the pastors if you are willing to help us run the sound board, Rick Oldenkamp, Kim James or one of the pastors if you can help to run PowerPoint. This gift of time and energy helps us all worship God.

Prayer Group  ●  St. Andrews is blessed to have both a prayer chain and a prayer group for prayer needs.  Prayer group meets Wednesday morning from 10-11:30am and welcomes new members.  Please contact Joanne Huddleston for information.

In addition, the prayer chain consists of three teams lead by Beth Ward. The teams of the prayer chain will then pray for you throughout the month. The prayer chain is looking to expand from 3 to 4 teams and is welcoming new members. Call Beth Ward or the church office if you are interested in joining the prayer chain or have a prayer request.

Hillcrest Pantry  ●  Hillcrest greatly thanks St. Andrew’s for its continued giving to the food pantry. The pantry has from its beginning been self-sufficient, relying only on donations from generous citizens like you. Suggested Donation List:  toilet paper, mac & cheese, soap, spaghetti, juice, rice, cereal, pudding mixes, powdered milk, cake mixes, coffee, jello, sugar, jams, soup, canned vegetables, ramen noodles, baby food, crackers, formula, peanut butter, stew/chili, tuna, tomato sauce. Food donations can be brought to the to the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings.

To learn more about our volunteer ministries and opportunities, please contact (925) 685-4720 / [email protected] or use the contact form below.

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