To me our text this week from Ecclesiastes 3:4 is about living fully all the emotionally charged moments of our lives, both the times of crying and grieving and the times of laughter and joy.  If we live a full life we will experience all of theses things, sometimes even in the same day!  Rabbi Shapiro says, ““The key to living well is remembering that nothing lasts. Holding that key, we simply respond honestly and cleanly to whatever comes our way.  We do not fear suffering when it comes, because we know that it cannot last.  We do not dampen our joy by worry whether or not it will end; we know it will end, and thus see it as all the more precious.  When we hurt or are sad or depressed, we simply live out those sensations.  They will pass. Everything does. . . The foolish cling to moments of joy and thus make moments of sorrow all the more painful.  The wise rejoice when happy and cry when sad.  Clinging to neither, they leave no moment unlived and die without regret.”  (The Tao of Solomon, p.102, Ecclesiastes: Annotated and Explained, p.64)  May God grant us the wisdom and courage to fully live all the times and seasons of our lives.

peace, Ernie

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