On this coming first Sunday in Advent, we will reflect together on the meaning of baptism as we celebrate the baptism of my granddaughter, Genevieve Mia Newell.  My message, Baptized In Love, will relate Evie’s baptism (and our own) to the stories found in the gospel of Luke of Jesus’ presentation in the Temple (Luke 2:21-40) and his later baptism by John in the Jordan River (3:21-22).  As Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, presented him in trust and obedience as an infant in the Temple to God, so too are Evie’s parents, Marie and Mitch, presenting her in love, trust, and hope to God here at St Andrew’s. I believe that God delights to acknowledge Evie publicly as a beloved child of God, even as we delight to welcome her as the newest baptized member of our church family.  To listen to my message, just click on “Baptized in Love”