Easter Sunday – The Good Gardener

During the season of Lent, and this last week in Holy Week, we focused on growing gardens, tending the life that is right in front of us, rather than constantly climbing ladders of what this world defines as success. We have been embracing “good enough” lives and “good enough” selves that are worthy of love, no matter what. We have been acknowledging the suffering that is a natural part of life, and we have practiced compassion as we deal with the realities and limitations that invite us to let go of perfectionism and the incessant drive toward something other than our own real, holy, and “blessed-regardless” lives. And now we encounter Easter. It is a day we proclaim that while death is a part of life–even little “deaths” along the way of dreams, of love, of the way we thought life would go–even though this is a part of life, we are part of a faith that invites us to consider that the Good Gardener is always tending us, abiding with us, beyond any kind of death that faces us.  To listen to today’s message, from a devotional by Dr. Kate Bowler, click on The Good Gardener

peace, Ernie

 Our Easter Sunday service is April 17 at 10 a.m.  All are welcome to join us for a joyous celebration of the resurrection with glorious music. Bring flowers to fill our Easter Cross.  Come join the choir at the end of the service as we joyfully sing the “Hallelujah Chorus” to celebrate Christ’s resurrection and victory over death.