Exodus 4:13 Team Approach is What God Has in Mind

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Exodus 4:13 Team Approach is What God Has in Mind

Exodus 4:13 But he (Moses) said, ‘O my Lord, please send someone else.’

Moses was fearful. Moses was eighty years old. Moses didn’t feel equipped for the job. Maybe Moses figured “let George do it”. The origin of that “proverb” about George isn’t completely clear but in WWII “George” came to be the “name” of the aircraft autopilot. Moses at least had a ready excuse – something like “not a good speaker Lord”. Nevertheless, the Lord was angry, having already given Moses a couple of miraculous signs. There was no George to do it so they settled on Moses’ brother Aaron to speak, but Aaron would speak only the words that Moses gave to him. The healthiest churches are churches that develop patterns of full employment and team-work, practices whereby every able member has some great or small job or responsibility to help keep the ministries functioning well. If you can’t do it, like Moses, maybe “no” isn’t the right answer – maybe a partner or team approach is what God has in mind.

Pastor Bill

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