My wife Carol and I are currently on standby alert, awaiting with eager expectation the birth of our first grandson.  With the support of the worship and personnel committees I have arranged to take the next few Sundays off to enable us to be there to offer encouragement and support to my son Nate and his wife Elaine in Clovis after Eli is born.  Various members of St Andrew’s have stepped up and volunteered to give the message on the Sundays I am away.  This coming Sunday, elder Warren TenBrook will give a message titled “Following Paths, Breaking Barriers.”  His scripture texts are 1 Corinthians 5:1-5, 11-13 and Romans 14:1-20.

Please pray for a successful labor and healthy birth.

 blessings, Ernie

To listen to Warren’s message, click on “Following Paths, Breaking Barriers” by Warren TenBrook