Growing in Faith Together

The five practices of fruitful congregations that we are working on improving are interrelated and build on each other.  Concerning the first three Schnase writes, “Christ’s gracious invitation through Radical Hospitality embraces us and nudges us to open ourselves to forming relationships,  and God’s transforming presence in Passionate Worship opens our hearts to Christ’s pardon, love and grace, creating in us a desire to follow.  Growing in Christ requires more than weekly worship though, and it is through Intentional Faith Development that God’s Spirit works in us, perfecting us in the practice of love as we grow in the knowledge and love of God.” (p.77)  In our gospel reading for this Sunday, Matthew 7:7-8, 24-27, Jesus tells us that everyone who studies his teachings and puts them into practice is like the wise person who builds their house upon a solid foundation.  When trials and hard times come, their faith will remain strong.  In this newsletter you will find many opportunities to grow in your faith and in the knowledge and love of God.  As they say in the Nike commercials, “Just do it!”

blessings, Ernie

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