Helping Hands Ministry

A new Helping Hands Ministry at St Andrew’s was introduced on Sunday, November 17.  Here are a few of the highlights and how you may be able to get involved.

 -No three year commitment

-Task Oriented

-Definite beginning and ending to each task

-you don’t have to be a member of the church or ordained to get involved

-this ministry will use people’s specific talent or gift

-People can be involved just a little or as much as they have time

Sign Up to Help in Any of these Areas:

Memorials – Help with decorating the Celebration Center for a memorial

Meals – Provide a meal for person in need

Transportation – Give a ride to church, store or an appointment

Visiting – Visit and encourage people, pray with them, visit with family members if present

Keep in Touch – Send cards of encouragement, get-well, sympathy.  Reach out to homebound members

How It Will Work:  We will compile an email list of volunteers in each of these areas.  When there is a request in one of these areas, an email will be sent out to the list of volunteers.  Volunteers will respond as they are able.

How You Can Sign Up:  There will be a sign up table outside of church on Sunday.  You are encouraged to add your name and email to the list in one (or more) of these ways you may be able to help others in need.  Please see the kiosk for more information.  If you are not able sign up at church, please contact Diana in the office.