How can anyone be born after having grown old?

“How can anyone be born after having grown old?” a puzzled Nicodemus asked Jesus in John 3:4, when Jesus told him that for someone to see the kingdom of God, he or she needed to be “born from above.”  This is a good question for all of us to ponder.  How is it possible for us, as individuals and as a congregation, to experience new life and a new birth when we have grown old?  It is possible because of God’s patient labor through the Spirit.  Now that is some good news!

 Blessings, Ernie

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PLAY THE ST ANDREW’S ANIMAL FARM GAME  Please be ready to share your answers to these questions at the Deacon’s BBQ this Sunday, Sept 9, after worship.  The adaptive change group and session thank you in advance for your participation.

 What are you “PROUD AS A PEACOCK” of about our congregation?

 What is one of our congregation’s “SACRED COWS”? (What do we treat as that which cannot be ‘messed with’ in our church?)

What is the “ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM”? (What do we not talk about that needs to be acknowledged and openly discussed?”)

What has become a “DINOSAUR”?  (What is extinct or needs to die so we can move forward?)

What are some of our “SQUIRRELS”? (What distractions are keeping us from the task of making real adaptive changes?)

What are some of St. Andrew’s “ROADKILL”?  (What are some of our mistakes and epic failures?)