Jacob the Schemer

JULY SERMON SERIES:   THE MAN WHO WRESTLED WITH GOD, JACOB: a schemer, a dreamer, a lover and a wrestler.   During the last four Sundays in July, I will be preaching on the lectionary texts from Genesis which recount the fascinating story of the biblical patriarch, Jacob.  He is a complex character, a flawed human being called and used by God, like you and like me.  To listen to the first sermon, click on “Jacob the Schemer”

July 9 –  JACOB THE SCHEMER  – Genesis 25:19-34

July 16 –  JACOB THE DREAMER – Genesis 28:10-21

July 23 – JACOB THE LOVER – Genesis 29:15-30

July 30 – JACOB THE WRESTLER – Genesis 32:22-31