Jesus Comes to Us in our Fear

On the evening of the first Easter, the disciples of Jesus are hiding in fear behind locked doors.  Their fear is understandable given all they have been through during the tumultuous week which ended in Jesus’ arrest, trial, execution, and burial. If this happened to their teacher Jesus, they could be next.  This morning the tomb of Jesus was found empty, and then Mary Magdalene reported that she had seen the Lord alive, but still they are huddled behind locked doors in fear.  But Jesus comes to them in their fear and offers them his peace.  And then he breathes into them his Spirit and tells them that he is sending them out to continue to share his good news of God’s love and forgiveness.  Jesus’ presence is the beginning of the end of their fears, for as Jack Coe truly states: “Fear cannot stay in the same house as Jesus Christ.”  To listen to my message for this second Sunday of Easter, click on Jesus Comes to Us in our Fear (John 20:19-23).  To watch the video on YouTube, see below. Hallelujah!

blessings, Ernie