Meditation from Warren TenBrook

This Sunday will mark a milestone in the life of Saint Andrew’s.  We will hear a message from the Pastor Nominating Committee’s proposed candidate for Pastor.  We will hear a brief report from the Committee.  We will vote on motions to receive the candidate as our Pastor and their compensation.   This is our Presbyterian system of governance in action and, as a member of the PNC, it has been an exciting adventure to be part of.

God introduced the pastoral candidate and the PNC to one another.  The PNC, the candidate, and God have walked together for a time, listening to one another.  Now all members of Saint Andrew’s must be ready to listen to the candidate, and to God.  After hearing both the candidate and God’s voice speak to our minds and hearts, we must pray and collectively discern God’s will for next chapter in the St. Andrew’s story.  It is God’s story.  I pray we are each ready for what God will write on our hearts.

Listen to Pastor Ernie’s first sermon at St Andrew’s: “Rejoice in Hope”