Music Sunday

David Chavez –

Through the years I have sung at churches of different denominations, languages and cultural backgrounds; this has allowed me to experience the power of God through music first hand. Music is the entity within God which; by allowing us to freely express our most primal and visceral needs, pains and joys can make us see beyond our cultural, racial, socio-economical and theological differences and thus it brings each of us closer to each other and God.

 I have no claim to wisdom; nor do I presume to possess a deeper understanding of life, of the universe and most of all, of God. All I can share is my limited perception of my relationship with God and with everyone else through my own experience. In its vast majority, my experience with these relationships revolves around music. Much like God, music is nonjudgmental; it knows not earthly beauty and thus welcomes all sounds and silences just like God welcomes each of us as His own.