Prayerful Waiting


ADVENT SERMON SERIES:  THE FIRST CHRISTMAS, ACCORDING TO LUKE  – This advent season we will read and reflect on the events leading up to and surrounding the birth of Jesus as the Gospel of Luke tells the story.  In his telling of the Christmas story Luke weaves together the stories of Zechariah and Elizabeth and their baby John, with stories about their young relative Mary, and her baby Jesus.  It is in Luke that we learn that at his birth Jesus was laid in a manger, and that his birth was announced first to humble shepherds.  Together we will ponder once again these wondrous stories, even as “Mary pondered all these things in her heart.”


November 29 10:00am          – Luke 1:5-24- “Prayerful Waiting”

December 6    10:00am          – Luke 1:26-56- “Mary and Her Magnificat”

December 13  10:00am          – Luke 1:57-80- ““Untangling the Knots: Experiencing Forgiveness” 

December 20 10:00am          – Luke 2:1-18- “What Kind of Sign Is This?”

December 24  7:00pm            – Luke 2:19- “Pondering All These Things”

December 25  10:00am          – Christmas Day Worship Service “Christmas Message” by Courtney Mizutani

December 27 10:00am            – Luke 2:21-35 – “Life After the Birth”