The first and utterly fundamental practice for BECOMING A FRUITFUL CONGREGATION is RADICAL HOSPITALITY.  Radical Hospitality is rooted in our awareness of God’s love and grace and flows from a desire to share freely that love and grace with others.  Schnase says that “Faith communities practicing Radical Hospitality offer a surprising and unexpected quality of depth and authenticity in their caring for the stranger.  People intuitively sense that ‘these people really care about me.  They genuinely want what the best for me.  I’m not just a number, a customer, a target in their strategy to grow their church.  I’m welcomed along with them into the body of Christ.’ This is Radical Hospitality.  Such faith communities surprise people with a glimpse of the unmerited gracious love of God that they see in Christ.” (p. 3)   This Sunday we will begin to explore ways that we can truly welcome people into God’s love for all.

blessings, Ernie

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