Romans 5:1 Peace with God Through Our Lord Jesus Christ

Mother Julian of Norwich

Romans 5:1 Peace with God Through Our Lord Jesus Christ

Romans 5:1 Therefore, since we are justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Wonder why is that opening word, “Therefore”, there? It ties back to what just preceded it in chapter four – the faith of Abraham, who trusted God over and over for many years through all kinds of setbacks and apparent delays in fulfilling promises that had been given long before. We believers who have the background of the Old Testament, and its fulfillment in Messiah Jesus, have an even stronger and clearer reason to trust, through Christ. That trust is what today’s scripture describes as resulting in being at peace with God. Chapter five goes on to tell us how even the difficulties and disappointments of life work out for our good as we grow by faith into endurance, the ability to handle life’s setbacks by grace. Those experiences in turn build character and secure our hope that God will continue to see us through it all, such that ultimately “all will be well. All will be well. All manner of things shall be well.*

Pastor Bill

* 15th century Englishwoman, Mother Julian of Norwich – Christian mystic, spiritual director and author of “Revelations of Divine Love” But the quote is not hers – she is quoting Jesus speaking to her in one of her visions as she lay on what she thought was her deathbed. She recovered and continued her ministry for more than forty more years. Here’s David Holgate’s statue of Julian, outside Norwich Cathedral, completed in 2000

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