Sacred People

This week we continue our Advent series Reflecting the Sacred focusing on Sacred People.  When God created people God said Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature, we, us, you, me, everyone was created in God’s image, and we share God’s characteristics, having the light of God, the light of Christ in us.  Sometimes it’s hard to recognize the light of God in others, sometimes it’s hard to see God’s light in ourselves, but it is there.  We are sacred people and we reflect that light by showing love to others and ourselves.  If you want to see love in action, just look around at St. Andrews and see all that our people do, from serving on committees, making coffee, fixing the wiring in the sanctuary, collecting attendance sheets, making breakfast, counting offerings, etc. the list is endless.  We all should thank God for our Sacred People. – Rick Oldenkamp