Sacred Time

Advent is here!  The first Sunday of Advent is November 27 and the season continues for four weeks until Christmas Eve, December 24th.  We will be celebrating the Sundays of Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace with our traditional Advent Wreath.  Our theme this year is Reflecting the Sacred.  We will explore how the sacred is all around us and how the essence of God exists in every aspect of his creation.  We will also explore how we don’t always remember that the light of God is in every person on the planet.  This week we will be looking at a often overlooked piece of God’s creation — Time.  Time was created along with the rest of the universe in the beginning and like everything else, time is sacred.  The following weeks we will be looking at People, Places, Knowing, and Being.  I invite you to prepare to reflect the sacred. – Rick Oldenkamp.