Last Sunday we focused on the good news that God is persistently seeking each of us.  Jesus taught that God never stops reaching out to us, patiently seeking through various means to restore us and bring us home – home to our true selves, home to loving communion with our God.  This morning we are looking at the other side of the God-Human relationship, our persistent seeking for God in prayer.   An inner hunger, a restless yearning for more – more satisfaction in life, more love, more justice, more freedom, more peace— leads us to petitionary prayer.   The good news Jesus shares with us Luke 11:9-13 is that our ASKING, our SEEKING, our KNOCKING is not in vain, for God is ready to give.  God wants to be found. The door that separates us from God, other beings, and our true self will be opened.  All that is required is that persist, that we keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking.

Blessings, Ernie

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