This week we look at that strange book that concludes the biblical library, the Book of Revelation.  It is a long, complex work so we can’t read it all.  But we will dip into 4 key passages – 1:9-19; 19:11-16; 21:1-8; and 22:16-21.  Rejecting approaches that see Revelation as a literal road-map showing a pre-determined future, we will interpret the book in its historical context of the oppressive Roman empire and its literary context as literature of the oppressed.  McLaren concludes: “Whatever was true for Revelation’s original audience is true for us today.  Whatever madman is in power, whatever chaos is breaking out, whatever danger threatens, the river of life is flowing now.  The tree of life is bearing fruit now.  True aliveness is available now.”  Now that is some really good news!

in Christ, Ernie

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