This Sunday we begin a three week sermon series titled STEWARDS IN ALL SEASONS. God who created the season of the year calls us to be faithful stewards in all seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall.  I chose to begin with winter, rather than the actual season we are in, autumn or fall, because in many ways the last year and half of living through the Covid-19 pandemic has seemed like one long winter to me.  We had a brief respite last June after we received the covid vaccines.  For a few blessed weeks we experienced something of the new growth of spring and the leisure of summer, but that soon ended in July when the surge of covid cases caused by the Delta variant reimposed restrictions upon our lives once again.  Thankfully now, with dropping case rates, and increased immunity from vaccinations and covid cases, there is hope that we are emerging from our long covid winter.  How were we faithful as stewards during that long winter?  What can we learn from such soul chilling and dark times?  May God guide us in our stewardship through all the seasons of our lives.

peace, Ernie

To listen to my message, click on Stewards in Winter

p.s. All Saints Day was this past Monday.  As part of our worship this Sunday we will when we remember and honor those in the family of faith that have gone before us.