Dear St Andrew’s members and friends,

We are now in our 29th week of living through this time of pandemic, six months!  Over this long time, each week I have been sharing with you various tools from scripture to help us get through this very challenging time – things like faith, hope, love, spirit, patience, strength, endurance, persistence, rest.

Now as we enter this fall season, we are still physical distancing as we wait for a Covid 19 vaccine.  But even as we wait, we are planning for the time when we can resume in person worship and fellowship.  And we look forward to 2021 with hope.

So this Sunday you will hear from the chair of our 2021 stewardship campaign, Harold Helm, as we begin to plan our congregation’s life and mission when we all emerge from this pandemic.  And I am confident that we will.  Our stewardship theme is SURVIVE TO THRIVE.  With your help, we will indeed survive and thrive in 2021.

thank you, and God bless you all,  Ernie