Thankful No Matter What?


November 20, 2015 –

Rev. Ernie Hess –

I am thankful that we safely arrived at our daughter’s house in Ripon last night in spite of a number of challenges and hardships on our long drive across the country.  Our dog Jesse was not one of the challenges; he did great!  But 2,500 miles in 3 days in an overpacked car was not easy for any of us.  Thoughout the journey I was sustained and strengthened by the knowledge that people were praying for us, and that God was with us.   And we were grateful too, for a few blessed moments along the way – like finding a comfortable dog friendly motel in Arkansas which gave us a much needed respite from driving in the pouring rain, like our stop the next day at a rest area in Texas set in a breathtakingly beautiful desert, like the many friendly people who came up to pet Jesse and shared Great Pyrenees stories with us. There was much to be thankful for.

My sermon this Sunday on Habakkuk 3:1-2, 16-19 is titled, “Thankful No Matter What?”[and yes, the question mark is meant to be there!]  So “Come Ye Thankful People Come.”