The Light Shines in the Darkness

Dear St Andrew’s members & friends,

We are living through challenging difficult times.  Each day this past week we hit a new record of covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, and then on Wednesday there was the shocking Insurrection where deluded “patriots” stormed the United States Congress, to try to stop congress from certifying the electoral college votes.  Their act of desecration succeeded only in delaying the count for five hours, but it was a wake up call to the danger of reckless falsehoods.  Words are not neutral.

In this time of pandemic and political transition, we need to focus on the light.  My messages throughout the season of Epiphany will proclaim The Light Shines in the Darkness.  We begin this Sunday with the magnificent prologue to the gospel of John (1:1-14) which proclaims Jesus as the Divine Word and LIght that shines in the darkness, which the darkness has not and will not ever overcome.

peace, Ernie