The Power of Stories

Rev. Wendy Komori Stager –

I have noticed a revival in the importance of storytelling.  Yet stories have been important to humanity for eons.  The earliest stories continue to be told and retold throughout generations:  Pandora’s box, Sour Grapes, and Noah’s Ark.  Stories keep a kernel of wisdom, even if they are not factually true.

Our Godly Play program for children is based on storytelling.  We show and tell the Biblical stories and then invite the participants to imagine and wonder.  “I wonder. . . who you identify most with in this story?”  “I wonder . . . what the most important part of this story it?”  This program helps children to become part of the Christian faith community by helping them connect with how God has been and still is alive and active in our world.

This Sunday, I will share a Godly Play story for all of God’s children.  Also, we need more adults who are committed to nurturing our young people.  Godly Play can only continue at St. Andrew’s if we have a committed team of teachers.  If you are willing to tell stories and to wonder, please attend the Godly Play training after worship this Sunday.