The Sin of Fear of Scarcity

Rev. Wendy Komori Stager –

We have entered the Christian season of Lent.   The church has set aside these 6 weeks prior to Easter as a time of intentional prayer and spiritual growth.  As we start our series on Modern Day Deadly Sins, we examine the sin of the fear of scarcity. Scarcity thrives in a culture where everyone is hyperaware of lack.  Everything from safety and love to money and resources feels restricted or lacking.

Another way to think about scarcity is to fill in the phrase:  never ________________ enough.

Never good enough

Never thin enough

Never safe enough

Never successful enough

Jesus speaks and acts against this fear of scarcity.  When he feeds five thousand on a hillside of Galilee, he demonstrates that there already is enough of what we need.  What might happen if we take our eyes off of our fears and place our trust in God who will provide our daily bread?