These Lives Are Precious (Psalm 72)

Last week we saw that the Magi were warned by God not to return to King Herod, because he was bad king and not to be trusted. So it is fitting that we begin our Epiphany series on the Psalms, God Is Holding Your Life: a journey of assurance for the New Year, with Psalm 72.  Scholars believe that Psalm 72 was written for and recited at the coronation of the kings of ancient Israel.  Now “we do not live in a land ruled by Kings, as the hearers of this first Psalm of this series did.  Nevertheless, the petitions of the psalmist for justice, deliverance, defense of the poor and oppressed, and peace for all peoples is an undergirding theme of our faith.  We are reminded that a just society is one that proclaims “these lives are precious” and worthy of protection.  God, indeed, is hold our lives.  Let this be our “epiphany” in this new year.”  To listen to this message, just click on These Lives Are Precious

peace, Ernie

p.s. Due to the surge of covid cases from the Omicron variant, Contra Costa County continues to mandate masks for all indoor gatherings, even for fully vaccinated people. 

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