What Is Adaptive Change and Why Do We Need It?

Since last fall, a group of volunteers* from St Andrew’s has been working with Jim Kitchens, a consultant/coach from PneuMatrix, in a yearlong process which has the eventual goal of discerning new ways that St Andrew’s can fulfill its mission to be a vital, loving and faithful congregation in today’s changed world.   In my message this coming Sunday, I will share with you where we are in this challenging process, and address the basic questions, “What Is Adaptive Change and Why Do We Need It? (click to listen)

I and the adaptive change group hope that this Sunday will kick off a more public phase of this discernment process.  In the weeks and months ahead your adaptive change group will be soliciting your input with a weekly question in the bulletin, and a “hot spot” table during coffee time after worship.  Please take the time to participate.  Together we will discern what God desires to do through St. Andrew’s, and by God’s grace, we will do it!

 blessings, Ernie

*The members of the St. Andrew’s Adaptive Change group are:  Alison Armand, Debbie Beveridge, Greg Gould, Harold Helm, Ernie Hess, Judy McNabo, Marge Munger, Trisha Oldenkamp, and Joan Toole.  Please ask any of them about the adaptive change process and give them your input.