March 13, 2020

Dear St Andrew’s Members and Friends,

Following the recommendation of the Contra Costa Health Services that group meetings of 50 or more people should be cancelled to slow the spread of COVID-19 through our community, the Session has decided not to hold worship services at St Andrew’s for the next few Sundays at least.

This was a difficult decision to make because gathering for worship is so important, but we want to protect the health of those in our congregation, families, and community who are especially vulnerable to deadly complications from this virus due to age or underlying health conditions.  I believe that in such a situation, temporary social distancing, is a way of loving our neighbors as ourselves, as Jesus commanded us to do.

We will be reassessing the situation regularly as well as looking for ways to support our members during these challenging times.   We value your feedback and input.  With faith, hope, and love, we will get through this together.

blessings, Pastor Ernie

On Sunday, March 15, I recorded a message.  To listen, click on “Now is the Time for the Living Water”